Air Conditioning Problems Houston TX

Ace Comfort has the most trusted technicians to address all the common Air Conditioning Problems Houston TX, and ensure that your air conditioning unit is back to an operational state again. Whether your AC bills are very high, the AC does not cool anymore, runs continuously, is blowing warm air, does not turn on or has a broken thermostat; our servicemen can handle all your needs.

How Can We Offer Assistance?

If your AC unit has stopped functioning or giving you problems in any way or simply needs a tune-up, you can call up our expert Air Conditioner System Houston TX technicians to diagnose your AC system.

Our central AC tune-up services include:

  • Checking loose electrical connections and tightening them
  • Adjusting blower components
  • Cleaning and adjusting thermostat
  • Supervising AC cycle
  • Checking external condenser coil
  • Looking at operating pressures for efficient refrigerant charge
  • Supervising amperage and voltage draw on every motor
  • Checking primary and secondary drain lines

With our assistance, most home owners can recover the tune-up costs in utility savings within an extremely short period. Ace Comfort also offers a special type of package deal, which can help further reduce the tune-up or adjustment costs. You can get Air Duct Cleaning Houston TX, Split Air Conditioning Houston TX repairs and other services that can soon make your AC issues go away or prevent them from arising in the first place.

Why Should You Call Us?

AC maintenance and servicing, for customers, can mean a lot of savings. Technicians can often spot small issues that can quickly and affordably be fixed while the tune-up is offered. Such issues, if ignored, can snowball into Air Conditioning Cooling Houston TX problems that will need more expensive repairs for you.

For instance, if a leak of refrigerant is spotted early, it can easily be repaired without a lot of expenses. However, in case the problem is not detected in time, the refrigerant can drain and the compressor can get burned up. The replacement of a compressor can cost 1,000 USD or even higher. Before the failure of the compressor, you can find it running with reduced efficiency for some time, which can make you lose many dollars on your energy bills.

If you spot any such Air Conditioning Problems Houston TX, it is important that you call up our technicians for a fast and thorough diagnosis. When all the components of your air conditioner happen to be connected, the malfunctioning of any of the parts can result in more damage unless addressed in a timely fashion.

With our tune-ups, your Air Conditioner Issues Houston TX can go away quickly. You can expect your cooling system to run at or close to the original manufacturer specifications, based on overall condition and age. When your AC unit runs with optimal efficiency, you can save on money and prolong its lifespan. It can last for more time without needing to work harder.

Contact us now and let the Ace Comfort technicians address all your AC problems quickly.